Introduction Secure Things


SecureThings has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Technology Solution Providers by CIO Review in 2019. Our focus is to provide guidance and technology to secure connected vehicles in order to build end-to-end security for the automotive industry.

SecureThings is strategically located, with presence in Silicon Valley, USA, and Pune, India. Thus providing the Silicon Valley Innovation and India Scale advantage to our esteem customers. US and India are both large Automotive markets besides helping us strategically in covering major automotive ecosystems across the globe with a round the clock support.

  • Domain expertise (automotive SW/HW Development, Networks, Processes and Toolchains)
  • Decades of experience in the cyber security domain
  • Understanding of security threats across the entire supply-chain
  • In-house research teams
  • Providing end-to-end protection with high efficacy
  • Security assessment experience (breadth and depth)

SecureThings strives to help the stakeholders to embrace security technology as a cost- saving measure while unveiling potential new revenue streams which makes us the partner of choice to the Automotive Manufacturers across the globe for all their Cybersecurity needs.


SecureThings is an innovation-driven organization with core values that inspire us to bring about positive change in the automotive ecosystem at large. We believe that automotive cyber security is hugely important for the safety and security of everyone. Thus needs to be looked at as a collaborate & compete opportunity, we have to ensure, we, as an industry, all together, are safe from malicious and catastrophic dangers. While we are contributing in making it secure, so are our competitors, there is immense respect amongst all of us for that.

We strive hard to help our customer internalize the manifestation cyber protection and effective mitigation of threat landscape, by way of training, co-developing and building security conscious culture in the customer organization.

Our USP is the domain expertise, decades of knowledge in the cyber-security domain, the understanding of security threats of entire supply-chain and providing end-to-end protection.

SecureThings is committed to setting up multiple automotive cyber security research labs in collaboration with various manufacturers, OEMs, and institutes across the globe. In India, it has set up an incubation lab with close research collaboration with PICT, Edu-Rand rank #8. We are well on our way to setup at least a dozen such Labs in near future.


The company is registered in Delaware State, USA as a “C Corporation” Company and has a fully owned subsidiary registered as “ Private Limited” in Pune, India, which is its offshore research & development center.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To become a Global Leader of Automotive Cyber Security by continuously INNOVATING and providing Cutting Edge DISRUPTIVE technologies. Become a De-Facto reference by providing thought Leadership to the Industry and Commitment to Society.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To become the world’s Most Influential automotive cyber security company by protecting every vehicle with its impregnable Cyber Defense.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team comprises of passionate industry leaders with decades of experience in enterprise cyber security, in-vehicle security, automotive embedded & electrical communication systems, machine learning, and big data analytics. We have years of research and experience in automotive cyber security as well as security assessments for the entire vehicle ecosystem.