SecureThings Research Lab drives innovation and helps to keep the customer ahead of both cyber criminals and competitors. Our research lab is staffed with exceptional talent, and we encourage out-of-box thinking and taking on the mindset of an attacker. SecureThings team has rich experience in cyber security and the automotive domain and understand how vulnerabilities are created, deployed, and exploited in various contexts. This experience is crucial for the discovery and ultimate prevention of security issues in vehicles and their supporting infrastructure. Our experts have decades of experience working with industry-leading cyber security organizations, research labs, as well as working on various US government-funded research projects.


SecureThings firmly believes that security needs to be a priority from the earliest phases of software/hardware development. Security as an afterthought is a costly and potentially life-threatening mode of operation. SecureThings can help OEMs and other automotive suppliers understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities by assessing the full life-cycle of production (from the SDLC to the IT infrastructure that supports the organization). Our researchers and the advisory team also provide detailed recommendations and best practices to build in security from the earliest stages of the development. We help to build in security from the design phases and we can also perform periodic security analysis services and reporting to ensure organizations are employing up to date security practices, and keeping abreast of the latest threats and attacks.


SecureThings’ researchers can provide comprehensive risk assessment and penetration testing for a specific device or device or even an entire vehicle. Our experts have built in-house tools to identify security gaps within various interfaces as well as in the software and hardware design. Our assessments result in the analysis of current threats and vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations of security solutions and best practices that can be incorporated into vehicle architecture (hardware and software). Our recommendations can also cover organizational security processes as well as cost/time estimates. Our assessments follow rigorous standards, informed by industry recommendations as well as in-house expertise. We have performed security assessments over the years for organizations large and small, including top-tier automotive OEMs and more traditional software companies. SecureThings has the experience and expertise needed for securing the vehicle ecosystem.