SecureThings provides a real-time cyber security solution for the connected vehicles. The multi-layered cyber security solution protects vehicles beginning from the telematics unit, ECU security to the in-vehicle network security. The solution is adaptive and builds intelligence using machine learning based algorithms. The big data analytics platform provides analytics for attack trends, forensic analysis, awareness and insights to the OEMs and suppliers to take a well informed business decisions, avoid costly vehicle re-calls and help in future architecture changes with its analysis, proactive alerts & trends.



SecureThings automotive security product suite provides a multi-layer defense-in-depth cyber security for vehicles


An intelligent analytics platform that monitors your vehicles round the clock to secure the entire vehicle ecosystem


A thorough automotive risk and vulnerability assessment by the experts.


SecureThings suites of automotive protection provides a multi-layer defense-in-depth cyber security for vehicles. The solution provides protection starting from all external interfaces, both remote as well as physical and prevents the malicious code from even entering in the vehicle. Second layer of defense is on the device itself. It provides stringent intelligent checks based on machine learning to block attackers from installing any malware inside the vehicle devices including telematics unit, infotainment unit or any other ECUs. It maintains the integrity of the firmware and detects any unauthorized changes. Third level of defense is protecting entire in-vehicle network. It uses different machine learning techniques to learn the network behavior and uses this intelligence for real-time identification of any malicious activity and prevent threats from entering the vehicle network. It can be deployed on a centralized gateway to monitor entire network. The cloud based analytics platform continuously monitors for anomalous behaviors and threats, analyses the attack trends and provides proactive recommendation to enable detection and remote immunization of the fleet.


Automotive Security

SecureThings automotive security solutions provide comprehensive security capabilities ranging from preventing unknown remote connections, preventing unwanted binaries installation on the devices, securing entire in-vehicle network to identify anomalies to prevent any malicious action to be taken inside the vehicle. It uses behavior analysis and machine learning to identify anomalies, detect and prevent malicious activities.

Secure Telematics

Protects Telematics and Infotainment unit from cyber attacks originating from external connections and make it more resilient. The solution is a combination of device security as well as security from network based attacks from outside world. The solution understands the different types of communication interfaces including IP, cellular communication, Bluetooth etc. It learns the traffic characteristics and protects against threats. Some of the protections included:

Secure ECU

Helps protecting ECUs from various cyber attacks and prevent it from spreading to other devices. It learns the behavior of the ECU and creates different rules to be used for the protection. Features included:

Secure In-Vehicle Network

Provides intelligent in-vehicle network based intrusion detection and prevention solution. It uses different machine learning techniques to learn the network behavior and uses them to identify any anomalous activity and prevent them in entering the vehicle network in real-time. It can be deployed on a centralized gateway to monitor entire network. Some of the key features included:

Automotive Intelligence - Analytics Platform

Provides intelligent analytics by collecting data from vehicles, monitoring the fleet behavior and analyzing attack trends. It does alert aggregation & correlation to understand the hackers' behavior and provide proactive recommendation to secure the vehicle ecosystem. This is a cloud based solution but can also be deployed in a Security Operations Center (SOC) for live monitoring and actions. It provides different at-a-glance views on the user friendly dashboard as well as provides a capability to extend the platform based on the OEM specific views.

Automotive Intelligence provides awareness and insights to the OEMs and suppliers to take a well informed business decisions, avoid costly vehicle re-calls and can also help in future architecture changes.

Automotive Risk Assessment

SecureThings team has a rich experience on Cyber Security & Automotive domain and understands the security holes that can cause problem. Security starts from design phase. SecureThings experts can help OEMs understand the potential risk and vulnerability by assessing the life-cycle of automotive production. It can provide a detailed recommendation and best practices to build security from the very early stage of the development.




To become a Global Leader of Automotive Cyber Security by continuously INNOVATING and providing Cutting Edge DISRUPTIVE technologies. Become a De-Facto reference by providing thought Leadership to the Industry and Commitment to Society.



To become world’s Most Influential automotive cyber security company by protecting every vehicle with its impregnable Cyber Defense.



Our team comprises of passionate industry leaders with decades of experience in enterprise cyber security, in-vehicle security, automotive embedded & electrical communication systems, machine learning and big data analytics. We have years of research and experience in automotive cyber-security as well as security assessment for the entire vehicle eco-system.

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